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Hints an Auto Repair Shop Isn’t Up to Snuff

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Most vehicle owners share the struggle of finding an affordable and trustworthy auto repair shop. Without knowing the market, it can be difficult to find a knowledgeable and skilled mechanic with honest values. Don’t let the search discourage you! Every industry is plagued with a few rotten apples but for the most part, companies like Milex Complete Auto Care are in the business of providing a one-stop shop for reliable, unmatched repair and maintenance with superior service. To avoid the poor performers when shopping around for an auto repair shop, watch out for red flags like these:

Lack of Certifications
A list of mechanic certifications is a perfect way to judge the experience and expertise of a repair shop. Relevant certifications establish trust and instill a sense of security with customers. The Automotive Service Excellence Certification is standard when it comes to the repair industry. A shop that lacks various certifications may not be as dependable, so don’t be afraid to ask about these before having work done.

No Warranty on Services
A mechanic or repair shop that doesn’t extend a warranty on services performed likely isn’t up to par. That being said, a written warranty is very different from a verbal warranty. Be sure to receive a warranty in writing and not rely solely on goodwill. Written estimates are also a great way to hold a repair shop accountable for quotes and services. Make sure the estimate states the repair shop should contact you before performing work if it exceeds a certain cost. Protect yourself and your vehicle from dodgy workmanship and be sure to seek out a quality and reputable shop that stands behinds its work.

Excessive Recommendations
Do you ever feel like your mechanic is trying to cheat you by insisting you need more work done on your vehicle? What if you visit a repair shop for a cracked windshield and they insist you need proper wheel alignment and a new timing belt? While this may be true, you should be mindful of excessive recommendations. Don’t let a pushy mechanic pressure you into unnecessary work. Your mechanic should be honest and transparent about servicing your vehicle and whether the work is crucial or insignificant.

Service Mistakes
An obvious sign of a questionable repair shop is careless mistakes made while servicing your vehicle. Having your car in the shop is frustrating and inconvenient alone, but tack on some mistakes and it’s enough to send you over the edge. If a repair shop somehow manages to snap a belt or forgets to tighten a few lug nuts, you’ll be back in there before you gas up next. Be sure to take note of the condition of your vehicle before leaving it with a repair shop to ensure you are not faulted for their mistakes. A good shop will own its mistakes and be upfront with their customers.

Excuses, Excuses
Have you ever requested a repair shop to save your car’s old parts after servicing and then return to find some excuse for why they weren’t? Even if they are broken or covered in rust and oil, asking for old parts is a great way to guarantee the shop actually replaced them in the first place. If a repair shop doesn’t follow through it might be a sign to seek out a new mechanic.

Aggressive Demeanor
Another potential red flag when it comes to auto repair shops is their inability and unwillingness to answer customer questions and concerns. If a mechanic becomes aggressive or agitated by your query regarding costs or service specifics, it usually means they have something to hide. A good business will understand that questions arise, especially when expensive repairs are at hand. As a customer, you should feel comfortable inquiring about your vehicle. After all, it is your money being spent.

When it comes to seeking out a reputable auto repair shop, remember to consider these tips. Economical and dependable automotive service is not too much to ask for. With Milex Complete Auto Care, you won’t have to settle for anything less than you deserve.


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